B-01$125 Articles of Incorporation for Business
B-01A$125 Articles of Incorporation including Articles of Conversion
B-02$50 Articles of Amendment for Business
B-03$10 or $50 Articles of Restatement for Business
B-05$30 Articles of Dissolution Prior to Issuance of Shares
B-06$30 Articles of Dissolution by Board of Directors and Shareholders
B-07$10 Articles of Revocation of Dissolution
B-08$100 Application for Reinstatement following Administrative Dissolution
B-09$250 Application of Certificate of Authority
B-10$75 Application for Amended Certificate of Authority
B-11$50 Articles of Amendment (Conversion of Business Corporation to Professional Corporation)
B-13$50 Articles of Amendment (Conversion to Nonprofit Corporation)
B-14$50 Articles of Share Exchange Business Corporation
B-15$10 Statement of Change of Mailing Address of Surviving Entity

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Business Entity Forms

BE-01$0 Cover Sheet for Corporate Filings
BE-02$10 Articles of Correction
BE-03$30 Application to Reserve a Business Entity Name
BE-04$10 Notice of Transfer of Reserved Business Entity Name
BE-05$5 Designation of Registered Office Address and/or Registered Agent
BE-06$5 Statement of Change of Registered Office and/or Registered Agent
BE-07$0 Statement of Resignation of Registered Agent
BE-08$25 Application for Certificate of Withdrawal
BE-09$10 Application for Certificate of Withdrawal by Reason of Merger (EFFECTIVE USE JANUARY 1, 2014)
BE-11$0 Resolution of Foreign Corporation Adopting a Fictitious Name
BE-12$5 Agents Statement of Change of Registered Office Address
BE-13$10 Application to Register a Business Entity Name by a Foreign Entity
BE-14$10 Application to Reserve Business Entity Name (10 Year Reservation)
BE-15$50 New - Articles of Merger (EFFECTIVE USE JANUARY 1, 2014)
BE-16$50 New - Articles of Conversion (to foreign entity) (EFFECTIVE USE JANUARY 1, 2014)
BE-17$10 Designation Statement of Change of Principal Office and Registered Agent Name/Office

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